Anca Stanculescu

Anca Stanculescu graduated the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics as Engineer in Physics Science in 1982 with the Diploma Project: “Measurements concerning the effect of second harmonic generation (SHG) on the radiation of tunable lasers” and obtained the title of Doctor in Physics of the University of Bucharest in 2002 with the Thesis: “Nonlinear optical phenomena in condensed matter”. Dr. Anca Stanculescu followed two post-graduate courses (1990, 1998) in the topic of semiconductor compound, 3 research stages at the University of Angers (2009, 2010, 2016) in the field of organic heterostructures, was invited professor at the University of Angers (2012) and received a fellowship for high level research from the French Government (2015).

Between 1982 and 2000 she worked at the Institute for Ultrapure and Semiconductor Materials (MATPUR) Bucharest where she gained experience in the field of inorganic semiconductors crystals growth and characterization (silicon single crystal, semiconductor compounds III-V and II-VI), organic crystalline and nanocompozite materials. She also has acquired industrial experience in single crystal Si technology. Since 2001 she is working at the National Institute for Materials Physics (NIMP) Magurele, her research interest being focused on organic multifunctional materials and organic flexible heterostructures for photovoltaics and optoelectronics, oligomers and polymers for photonics, bulk heterojunctions for photovoltaics and organic crystals and thin films for optical nonlinear applications. She has training and experience in organic and transparent conductor electrodes thin films deposition optical, structural, morphological and electrical characterization and on the effect of nanopatterning on the properties of organic heterostructures.

Anca Stanculescu is author of 78 papers published in ISI indexed journals, five book chapters, 1 patent and has presented oral/invited papers at international conferences and invited seminaries. After 2001 she was Director (Coordinator) and Partner responsible of 9 research projects. She received The Romanian Academy Award “Radu Grigorovici” in 2013.

The most important publications (selection)

1. C. Breazu, O. Rasoga, M. Socol, P. Ganea, T. Tite, E. Matei, F. Stanculescu, A. Stanculescu, “The effect of fullerene layer on the aggregates formation in amyloid beta Langmuir-Blodgett films, Applied Surface Science 537, Art. Number 147800 (2021).

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