Events and communication

  1. The first metasurface article published in Aftenposten, Norway’s largest printed newspaper. The original you will find at:

English translation of the article:

2. Lecture at CAS-2020 – Analytical and Computational Study of Phase-Controlling of Metasurfaces , authors : S. Iftimie, A. Radu, D. Dragoman.

In this study, we present computational results of phase-controlling of an architecture containing gold meta-atoms on top of a silicon dioxide dielectric layer, grounded or not with a bottom metallic layer. We have demonstrated that the proposed metasurface can operate as a lens, and the spectral dependence of R, T, and A for both grounded and not grounded structures is independent of the rotation angle of the meta-atoms

3. Invited (speaker Prof. Daniela Dragoman) “Metasurface design for improved imaging”, D. Dragoman, S. Iftimie, EMRS Spring Meeting, 31 May- 3 June 2021;

4. Oral presentation (speaker Christopher Dirdal)“Development of a high throughput metalens fabrication process relying on Bosch Deep Reactive Ion Etching and UV Nano Imprint Lithography” – Christopher A. Dirdal, Geir Uri Jensen, Hallvard Angelskar, Jo Gjessing, Paul C. Vaagen Thrane, Session 3A21 Micro/Nano Fabrication and Characterization Techniques, The 11th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics- META 2021, 20-23 July 2021;

5. Oral presentation (speaker Sorina Iftimie) Study of monochromatic aberrated metalenses by intensity-based moments”, Sorina Iftimie, Ana-Maria Raduta,
Daniela Dragoman, Session NANOSCIENCE AND NANOENGINEERING 1, 44th International Semiconductor Conference – CAS 2021, 6-8 October 2021;

6. Oral presentation (speaker Oana Rașoga) “From Electron Beam Lithography to UV-Nanoimprint Metasurface Lens Fabrication for NIR Domain”, Angela M Baracu, Andrei M Avram, Carmen Breazu, Mihaela Cristina Bunea, Marcela Socol, Anca Stanculescu, Elena Matei, Paul Conrad Vaagen Thrane, Christopher Andrew Dirdal, Adrian Dinescu and Oana Rasoga, the 20th International Conference on Nanoimprint and Nanoprint Technologies – NNT 2021, 16-17 November.

Other forms of Project dissemination

  1. Webinar sustained by the PP for “Școala altfel” (Other type of school) “ Metalentile pentru senzori ce pot să ne ajute la reciclarea plasticelor (Metalenses for sensors that can help us recycle plastics)” Ediția a IV-a, 24.05 – 04.06.2021;

2. paper ”Proiecte cu Norvegia (Projects with Norway)”, Dr. Ioana Pintilie, Dr. Oana Rașoga, Dr. Victor Kuncser, Market Watch -23 Septembrie 2021;

3. short video about the project subject on youtube and facebook –